Addictions can be looked at as attempts to connect with ones original nature through unnatural means. Through drugs, through alcohol, through sex, through gambling, through over eating, and obsessions. Addiction becomes the occurrence of a deep spiritual thirst. The heart of the problem is in missing God – not knowing that one is missing God – while trying to fill the void along alternate paths. There can be many driving forces. Greed in seeking financial security, fear of being alone, need for power and control, seeking prestige or status. This pursuit, while believing self-serving goals will bring the feeling of connection to love, to self, and to others. While becoming more separated, more self-centered, and deeper loneliness. Every addiction can be broken down into erroneous spiritual searches. Searches often pursued into the hallways of insanity, and death.

Recovery from addiction involves a process of creating a bridge – from conscious disconnection, to conscious connection with ones true spiritual nature. A process better known as a spiritual experience. With the acceptance of powerlessness over addiction, one begins down a new path – a seeker of a spiritual awakening. Driven by a growing spiritual thirst, first priority is the search for conscience contact with a power greater than one’s self.

People who go through spiritual change serve as an example to others, sensing something is different. With genuine interest the observer feels an energy drawing them to asking the seeker questions, and to paying attention to what the seeker says and does. They become witness to an indisputable process of change.

In the process of change through spiritual experience, one must first discard what stands in the way of progress. Preoccupation with problems – comparing ones problems to the problems of others, the daily accumulation of more problems – must all be discarded. For awhile, understanding and accepting that a problem first occurs in one’s own mind may seem like too big a hurdle. Yet, finding a solution, to an unmanageable state of mind, begins with understanding that there is only one real problem to overcome. The problem that overwrites all others.

Consider that problems are only made of air. And that ego, built in self-centredness, is the basis of creating internal separation, the feeling of aloneness. The accumulation of emotions weight heavily in preventing peace of mind. And the more one dwells on problem filled thoughts, the heavier and more unmanageable their life becomes. So…the solution lies in correcting the one real problem that is responsible for all other problems – the conscious separation from God. And the solution is, the conscious connection with God. Desire for a spiritual awakening becomes the pathway to new strength and progress.

Living in the solution requires dismantling of the false world created by the destructive path of past preoccupation with addiction, self-centredness, and separation. Separation from God, from self, and from others. In becoming un-self-centred the alternative is being God-centred. And once God-centred, the whole world begins to look different. All the once seemingly weighted problems cease to exist. Because the real problem, separateness, is becoming replaced with connectedness. A new road of spiritual progress connects to what was there all along. And gives way to healing rooted to connection inside. The final frontier. A place of ultimate reality in spirituality. A gentle re-insurance of being on the right path. The true fulfillment of a spiritual being having a human experience. A new life along the journey home.

Merv Malish

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